Monday, April 22, 2013

Clamps & Gaskets: News Roundup for Weeks 13/14, 2013.

Clamps and Gaskets: weekly roundup
A bi-weekly, non-comprehensive roundup
of news of beer and other things.

Weeks 13/14
24 March 2013 - 6 April 2013

  • 2013.04.06
    DRAFT Magazine published a guide to cask ale in Washington. D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland, metropolitan areas. Written by Joe Stange, who, as Thirsty Pilgrim, reports from Costa Rica.

  • 2013.04.06
    India Pale Ale (IPA) is the fastest-growing beer style in U.S. restaurants and pubs. Sales were up 39% in 2012, while industrial lagers were down 5%. Via Just Drinks.

  • 2013.04.06
    A start-up Washington, D.C. brewpub has a poor experience with crowd-funding. Via Washington Post.

    Piels beer coaster: Bert & Harry
  • 2013.04.06
    How Piels Beer changed advertising in the 1950s with comedic spots from Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding. Via WNYC.

  • 2013.04.05
    Film critic Roger Ebert dies. Via The Atlantic: "Roger Ebert Knew About Writing." Via The Atlantic.

  • 2013.04.03
    Jim Barrett and Mike Grgich —Napa wine pioneers of the 1976 "Judgement of Paris"— are honored. Via Dave McIntyre of Washington Post.

    Brian Strumke (02)
  • 2013.04.03
    The debate about contract/'Gypsy'/resident-brewing continues, unabated, post Craft Brewers Conference. Via Andy Crouch at Beer Scribe.

  • 2013.04.02
    Sales of higher-priced craft beers increased by 27% in 2012; lower-priced craft beers by only 3%. Via Just Drinks.

    Local beer at Nationals (04)
  • 2013.04.02
    Prices for beer at Nationals Park —home to Washington D.C. major league baseball team— are some of the most expensive in all baseball. Via Washington City Paper.

  • 2013.03.30
    This week's denial-of-service attack was a serious threat to the Internet itself. Via

  • 2013.03.29
    The 2013 ProWein wine expo in Germany had 44,000 attendees. Via Just Drinks.

  • 2013.03.28
    Former Maker’s Mark master distiller Dave Pickerell distilling rye whiskey at George Washington’s excavated distillery at Mount Vernon, Virginia, using Washington's recipes. Via Washington Post.

    Weizen sippers
  • 2013.03.26
    Gallup poll shows beer replacing wine as drink of choice for women 18 to 34. Craft beer is a crucial part of that. Via Detroit Free Press.

  • 2013.03.25
    Is beer Kosher? Maybe. Is it Kosher for Passover? No. Via Brews Brothers.

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