Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Promise Lost

Maladventures in Sissonsland

It was four years ago today, on 2 November, 2000, in tandem with three other principal investors, I purchased the historic Sissons Restaurant and Brewery in Baltimore, Maryland. After a 5 month delay for renovations, Sisson's Restaurant and Brewery re-opened on 28 March 2001.

l to r: Jack Callanan (seller), Tofer Sisson (seller), me (buyer), Annie Sisson (seller), Craig Stuart-Paul (buyer), Al Sisson (seller), Paul Morrissey (buyer), Tracy Stuart-Paul (seller; not pictured)

But by the latter portion of July 2001, the other partners had made it abundantly clear that they wished to take the brewpub in what I considered a misguided direction. I resigned my position as General Manager and Brewmaster and dissolved my holding in the partnership.

The brewpub has since been sold and is now known as Ryleigh Arden's. Read more.

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