Sunday, February 08, 2004


With the help of the distributor for which I work - Legends, Ltd. - I conducted a lambic tasting (and judging) yesterday at Grand Cru in Baltimore, MD.

I brought in 12 judges, split into 2 groups of 6. To expand the experience beyond only beer geekiness, I invited participants from the 3 ambits of beer, food, and wine.

  • Lew Bryson, Ale Street News: writer, beer
  • Dave Butcher, Country Vintner: distributor, wine
  • Thomas Cizauskas, Legends, Ltd.: distributor, beer
  • Steven Frank, Mid-Atlantic Brewing News: writer, beer
  • Henry Gregory, Washington Metro Wine & Food Network: writer, wine, food
  • Casey Hard, Max's on Broadway: pub, beer
  • Rob Kasper, Baltimore Sun: columnist, beer
  • Jerry Pellegrino, Corks Restaurant: chef, food
  • Monyka Marbach, Slow Food: food, wine
  • John Pollack, Old Vine Spirit Shoppe: beer
  • Hugh Sisson, Clipper City Brewing Company: beer,wine
  • Paula Welsey, International Gourmet Foods: food

Read Lew Bryson's notes on the proceedings.

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