Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Return of DC-Beer

DC Beer, a web bulletin board that is populated by beer enthusiasts in DC, Baltimore, Annapolis, and the exurbs of those areas, has returned. (In proper e-parlance, a web bulletin board is a listserve.)

DC Beer is currently maintained by beer enthusiast, Dan Brown, on his own time and with his own nickels. On 20 January, the server he was using went kaput. Dan has since replaced the server, but for 6 weeks DC's virtual beer community had been undernourished.

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While DC Beer was under repair, I began a web discussion group for beer enthusiasts in the DC area as a complement to DC Beer, or stop-gap, if you will. Only a few joined; but, nonetheless, I will keep the DC-Baltimore Good Beer Appreciation Society going.

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Yours for good fermentables,
Thomas Cizauskas

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