Friday, February 05, 2010

Session #36: Cask-Conditioned Beer

Today being the first Friday of the month, it's time for The Session: Beer Blogging Friday ...

The Session #36: Cask-Conditioned Beer

... a monthly event for the beer blogging community begun by Stan Hieronymus at Appellation Beer, and co-moderated with Jay Brooks at the Brookston Beer Bulletin.

On the first Friday of each month, a predetermined blogger hosts The Session,
chooses a specific, beer-related, topic, invites all bloggers to write on it, and posts a roundup of all the responses received.

For more information and to host a Session, go to the archive page at
the Brookston Beer Bulletin

This month's topic is Cask-conditioned ale:
beer brewed from traditional ingredients, matured by secondary fermentation in the container from which it is dispensed, and served without the use of extraneous carbon dioxide.

as defined by CAMRA (the Campaign For Real Ale)
beer consumer advocacy group in the UK

To participate, write a blog piece (500 to 1,000 words would be fine), then link to it here, today, as a comment.  After all submissions are in, I'll collate, analyze, comment, summarize, and link back. Some non-bloggers have responded and sent comments.  If you have some, include photos of casks, of imbibing their contents, of filling them.

My thanks go to Stan Hieronymus and Jay Brooks. They have organized, encouraged, and gently cajoled to get this resource —The Session: Beer Blogging Friday— on the web, each month since March of 2007.

  • UPDATE. The summary post: here.
  • How I announced The Session, way back on 5 January: here.


  1. Kellerbier - Cask Conditioned Lager

    -The Wallace Brothers

  2. Alex Hall, of the Gotham Imbiber, posted this very useful how-to for running a cask beer festival in the US (or anywhere): American cask beer festivals: my story - and your D.I.Y. guide.


    Thanks for hosting

  4. My post is up at:

    Thanks for hosting, and take care,


  5. My post is up here:

    Thanks for hosting! Cheers!

  6. My somewhat equivocal post can be found here.

    Thanks a lot for fulfilling your hosting duties, and for the topic prompt.


    Thanks for hosting & the prompt

  8. Here is my post, Tom:

  9. I'm in!

    Thanks for hosting.

  10. My post is here for the Brew Site. Thanks for hosting!

    - Jon

  11. Submitted by Alexander D, Mitchell IV of Beer in Baltimore who appended this bio:

    Alexander D. Mitchell IV has been the Baltimore hack--er, columnist for Mid-Atlantic Brewing News for the past five years, and has in part Tom C. to blame for that fact. A native of Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, he reside in Baltimore with his wife Jenny Heidewald. He dabbles in free-lance railroad writing, photography, and historical preservation, and is part owner of three preserved British high-speed passenger diesel locomotives.

  12. Stan Hieronymus —one of the founders and organizers of The Session— contributed two posts for this month:
    **Session #36: Cask ale – trading bubbles for flavor
    **Session #36: Start with the host.

  13. Bill Madden —owner/brewer at soon-to-open Mad Fox Brewing Company brewpub in Falls Church, Virginia— submitted this contribution:
    Cask Ale Abounds.

  14. Tom,

    Here's mine, which I started Friday, but didn't finish until now because of SF Beer Week. Thanks again for hosting.



    Thanks for hosting.


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