Friday, February 19, 2010

East Coast Beer Cast

East Coast Beer Cast

East Coast Beer is a new series of podcasts, topics concentrating on, but not limited to, beer on the US east coast.  I was interviewed for the 8th program. Host Michael Kuykendall asked me these questions:
  • Where did your interest for beer in general come from?
  • When did you first start working with beer, or become involved in the beer industry?
  • It seems pretty common for people working in the beer industry to move through several different jobs and positions over the life of their career. Why do you think that happens?
  • On your webpage you say that beer and wine are your profession, while cask ale is your passion. Can you explain the difference, and how you separate the two?
  • If you were forced to pick a favorite beer, or at the very least a top five, what would they be right now?
  • In an article written by Greg Kitsock you suggested that many restaurateurs simply haven't been exposed to the full spectrum of beer flavors and that "That's where education is important."  How should the craft beer industry go about insuring education of restaurateurs?
  • People often think that there is a certain level of animosity between makers of wine and beer.  Having a point of view into both the wine and the beer industry, how much of a symbiotic relationship do you think they have?
  • You’ve worn several hats. Brewer, brewery manager, brewpub owner, a beer and wine salesman, a restaurant manager, and a brewery consultant. Which of these have you learn the most from doing?
  • What do you recommend to those looking to follow in your footsteps?
  • Plans for the future?

BeerCast 04

I acquitted myself without too much embarrassment, except for a few gaffes, a voice ravaged by a malingering winter cold, and a deficit of vocabulary.

For instance, when mentioning brewpubs in and near Washington, D.C., I unconscionably omitted Franklins, District Chophouse, and Capitol City Brewing. And later, I mentioned a restaurant in Richmond, Virginia, that, while not a beer bar, per se, understands the connection between good beer and food. But geographically impaired, I incorrectly identified the cuisine of Mekong. It's Vietnamese. My apologies to all.

I weigh in on Sink the Bismark,  the new 41% alcohol-by volume beer from Brew Dog in Scotland. What do I say? Listen!

Thank you to Mike. I look forward to his future interviews.


  1. Tom,

    Thanks for the heads up - its the first I have heard about ECBC.


  2. Good stuff. I'm about 3/4 of the way through it.

    I've got to admit, when he asked you near the end of the interview portion, about advice you'd give to someone getting into the beer industry.. owner, brewer, sales rep, etc... I was crossing my fingers for some insight into the sales world! Trying really hard right now to get my foot in the door as a career move. And what better source of inside knowledge than you?

    Maybe I'll catch up with you out and about sometime soon.

    Thanks for the entertaining listen!


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