Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Snow Abides

This may be a good fermentables blog, but an occasional non-fermentable, non-comestible post can't hurt.

From the Capital Weather Gang blog at the Washington Post, here are the official numbers from the big snow(s):

Snow boxes

This is now the snowiest winter of all-time! The likely final numbers from yesterday's blizzard included 10.8" of snow at National (DCA), 9.3" at Dulles (IAD) and 19.5" at Baltimore-Washington (BWI).

Where do we stand on all-time records?
Washington's new all-time record stands at 55.9" (besting 54.4" from 1898-99) while IAD is now at 72.8" on the year compared to BWI's 79.9".

What about February records?
DCA is 3.3" away from the February (and all-time monthly) record for D.C. set in 1899 of 35.2"; IAD has already eclipsed the 2003 Feb. record by 10.8"; BWI has also eclipsed the 2003 numbers for Feb. by 8.7".

The incredible totals
DCA, 28.6"; IAD, 41.7"; BWI, 44.3".

The Capital Weather Gang 03:15 PM ET, 02/11/2010

More photos here.

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