Sunday, June 25, 2006

Old Dominion Beer Festival

The Old Dominon Beer Festival this year has been a soggy one.

Friday night, we were fortunate ... a storm threatened to occur but only brought cooling breezes and some drizzle later in the evening.

Saturday was a different story, as you tell from this happy reveller, enjoying the mud after a few good pours. But the two huge downpours, one in the afternoon and another early evening didn't seem to put too much of a damp-er (couldn't resist that pun) on attendees. We may have set a record at the Clipper City tent during the first cloudburst, when our firkin of Loose Cannon Hop^3 Ale was tapped and drained in 45 minutes!

Clipper City owner Hugh Sisson was with me Friday; head brewer Matt Saindon Saturday; today, Sales Manager Pat Helsel will be there.

It's raining heavily now (Sunday morning 8am) as I'm loading up the car to drive out to Ashburn. The forecast is 90% chance of rain through 1pm when it decreases to 40% with the possibility of thunderstorms. Ah, the wet life of beer!

I'll post more pictures tomorrow (even though my recent track record of blogging has been less than stalwart.)

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