Thursday, November 30, 2006

Whisky and Barleywine

The Royal Mile Pub in Wheaton Maryland celebrated its 25th anniversary with a scotch whisky dinner, Tuesday 28 November.

The scotch whiskies - were presented by Kristina Sutter, a Diageo Master of Whiskey. The Pub host for the dinner was Kristin Orr, general manager. For the finale, I presented the cask - a pin (5.4 US gallons) - of Clipper City Brewing's 2006 vintage Below Decks Barleywine.

A barleywine is a light to amber-hued ale of greater than 9.5 % alcohol. Barleywines - the exception to the rule of the fresher the beer the better - can be cellared. They maderize, that is gain sherry and port wine notes, as they age. Clipper City vintage dates its bottles of Below Decks.

Chef/owner Morrison prepared the evening's menu, or as Ms. Orr termed it, Scottish World Fusion!

  • Passed Hors D'ouevers with Johnnie Walker Green Cocktail - mini sweet onion tarts, empanadas, crab stuffed mushrooms, tapanade crostini, stuffed grape leaves
  • Sushi rolls with salmon three ways (whisky brined and smoked, cured gravlax style and sashimi) - Talisker 25
  • Chicken skewers seasoned with garam masala - Oban/ Glenkinchie
  • Venison Sausage over spaetzle with fig puree - Cragganmore
  • Vanilla Panna Cotta - Chilled Dalwhinnie
  • Stilton Blue Baked in Pastry - Lagavulin/ Caol Isla
  • Cask of Below Decks Barleywine with Baggy of Chocolates and Mints
When the refreshing beverage - after 6 whiskies - is a 10% alcohol by volume beer, some over-indulging might occur!

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