Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Otter Creek Brewing to be sold

Andy Crouch at Beer Scribe has revealed that Otter Creek Brewing of Vermont —maker of beers under its own name and organic beers under the Wolaver's rubric— will be sold to Longtrail Brewing, also of Vermont. The deal is expected to be consummated by the end of December.

Longtrail began operations in 1989. Otter Creek was opened two years later by Lawrence Miller. In 2002, Mller sold the brewery to current owner Morgan Wolaver.

Otter Creek Oktoberfest

Andy offers some concise commentary about the ongoing (and accelerating) pace of mergers and acquisitions in the 'craft' beer industry. Read more here.
  • In my position as a wine and beer salesperson, I'm often privy to confidential information. In my position as a blogger, I want to divulge that information. I don't, and, as a result, Thomas the Blogger is often scooped. C'est la biere!
  • As an employee of a northern Virginia beer and wine wholesaler, I sell Otter Creek and Wolaver's beer.

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