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Feeling Good Libations: Secco opens in Richmond, Va.

Secco bar (03)

We interrupt the regularly scheduled Yours For Good Fermentables to bring you this news flash:
Funny, how after two years of planning, paying rent on an empty space, crunching numbers, planning some more, paying a lot more, crunching more numbers, filling out dozens of logic-defying/mind-numbing governmental forms, drinking a hell of a lot [of wine], filing endless applications, "engaging" city hall (in that unresolved, Korean DMZ sort of way), hiring awesome people and then convincing them to wait months for a job, selling everything I own, borrowing against my soul/leveraging the rest and putting EVERYTHING on a spreadsheet (an unnatural act) it all comes down to 15 freaking days!?!!?!

Julia Battaglini wrote that on 14 April. Her prediction was off by only 7 days. Yesterday —Friday 7 May 2010— she opened Secco Wine Bar for business.

Secco Wine Bar

Here's what I wrote almost a year ago:
So you want to open a bar?

Apply pockets of indebted money, gobs of time, catch-22 frustrations ... and inspired lunacy.

Julia Battaglini owns a wine/beer/cheese shop in the Careytown district of Richmond, Virginia. For nearly two years, she's been transforming the old building next door into a shiny-new wine bar.

The first year was background: financing, and permits, and paying rent on an empty building. Now, she's demolishing, rehabbing, remodeling, re-doing.

Of the more than two dozen by-the-glass offerings at Secco, only a handful are priced above $10, with more than half available for $6 or less. Food for the 'small-plates' menu is locally sourced where possible, and almost exclusively from family-owned or small farms.

Secco bar (01)

And, fear not, good beer fans. Julia is also a member of your club. Secco has bottled Belgians and craft drafts.

Congratulations, and good libations! We need more places like this and more of this encompassing zeitgeist, rather than all of those silly, pleasure-thwarting wine-versus-beer wars.

  • Two prior-to-opening reviews here and here.
  • Pre-opening photo set: here.
  • The planning, frustrations, joys, and construction ... as blogged: here.

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