Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Norm's stays!

If you live in the northern Virginia area, especially in and around the Vienna area, and if you're a fan of good beer and wine, and if you're a supporter of local businesses, there's some good news for you this morning.

Reefer magnets

First, though, here's how the news began, badly, in April 2011:

Norm's, a long-time good beer (and wine) shop in northern Virignia was threatened with loss of its lease at its Vienna, Virginia location, by both the landlord and by a coming tenant, The Fresh Market (based in North Carolina).


A Facebook page in protest and support, Save Norm's Beer and Wine, would soon attract over 1,700 followers. On 29 May, activity fomented by the site appeared to be making a difference. The Vienna Patch reported that "Fresh Market says it will work with landmark Vienna store."

Now, this morning, 14 June, here's what Tom Jackman is reporting in the Washington Post:

late last month, the president of Fresh Market called Yow. “He was very positive and very generous, very complimentary of our business and community,” Yow said. “They decided we’d be a good partner to have as a neighbor, that we could bring business into the location. It looks like I could stay here as long as I want.” <...> “I’m very grateful to the Vienna community,” Yow said. “It felt really good.”

Yow is Norm Yow, the shop's eponymous owner (pictured here, on the right, with Bob Tupper of Tuppers Hop Pocket Ale). Sometimes nice guys don't finish last!

Norm of Norm's (02)

A commendation might also be due to The Fresh Market, a large out-of-state company that appears to have responded to conditions on the ground. That's not altruism, it's good business practice.

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