Thursday, June 14, 2012

"That's a clown (shoes) question, bro!"

If you're a baseball fan, you already know about the on-the-field exploits of Bryce Harper, the 19 year-old phenom for the Washington Nationals. If you're a beer fan, you might enjoy his zinger of a response to a Canadian reporter's tomfool question.

The reporter was querying Harper about his 450-foot blast of a home run in a win, Tuesday, against the Toronto Blue Jays ... in Toronto.

Bryce, you, of course, in Canada are of legal drinking age, so a celebratory Canadian beer would seem to make sense after a hit like that. You got a favorite beer?

A Nationals 'handler' interrupted:
That's not a question. It's illegal to drink beer in the States at 19. Why don't you ask something else?

The reporter, clueless, persisted, setting himself up for what was to come:
Not in Canada.

Harper, shook his head, almost rolling his eyes:
I'm not answering that. That's a clown question, bro.

A brilliant riposte for the Millennial Age.

Bryce Harper: That's A Clown Question Bro

To Mr. Harper:
You're wise beyond your 19 years. In 2014, when you've turned 21 and you win Game 7 of the World Series with a walk-off homer against the Boston Red Sox, I'll gladly buy you a Clown Shoes Brewing's Angry Beast Imperial Stout.

Nats by water
Nationals Park, where Harper is old enough to buy a beer.

  • See the post-game interview video: here. Harper's response quickly went 'viral' on social media. On Twitter: #ThatsAClownQuestionBro.
  • In other baseball news:
    • Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees hits his 23rd grand slam home run, tying the all-time record, set by Lou Gehrig, himself a Yankee great of the last century. Via Sports Illustrated.
    • Matt Cain of the San Francisco Giants pitches a perfect game, his only, the 22nd ever pitched, and the first ever for the Giants franchise, which began its existence in 1883 as the Gothams in New York City. Via LA Times.

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