Sunday, September 23, 2012

I don't always drink wine, but, when I do, might I drink Paso Robles?

"Does a man have only one wine? Preposterous."

The video below is posted purely for your wine drinking pleasure... and, it should be noted, for your wine education. It's mildly funny and gently educational. The wines from Paso Robles, in California, can be, indeed, quite tasty.

By the way, say it "pasoh ROH buhls," not "pasoh ROH blays." Or, maybe not.

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  1. It's pronounced "Paso Roe•buhls" by locals/cowboys/winemakers and so on. I grew up in the area.

    That said, pretty much everyone understands that the common vernacular pronunciation is an (incorrect) anglicized spin on the City's name. The correct Spanish pronunciation would be "Pasoh Roe•blays". So saying it that way isn't incorrect, but it *is* a really good indicator that you're not local. ;)


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