Sunday, February 02, 2014

Two Super Bowl beer ads

Two beers. Two Super Bowl commercials.

Of course, beer commercials will be legion today. But here's one that Budweiser will show during the game. It's about puppies and horses. Does anyone do such heartstrings-tugging better?

And, here's one that Newcastle (brewed by Heineken) will not be airing. (It's one in a series of funny webmercials.)

Good try, ABIB and Heineken, but, I'm sorry, I still will not be drinking your beers during the Super Bowl.

I may have played right into your nefarious plans, however, by re-posting the commercials here. According to Techcrunch, a growing number of Super Bowl ads are being released online, days or more before the game, as part of a month-long campaign, one where online views are increasingly important.

A hat tip to blogger Jack Curtin who posted about these campaigns at his website, Liquid Diet. To be clear, Mr. Curtin, the X!L@V%I#I$I curmudgeon, that he is, will not be advertising during the Super Bowl. I don't understand why. Airtime for a 30-second ad only runs a mere $4 million dollars.

  • The Super Bowl by the numbers: how much beer and food will be consumed across the U.S. today?

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