Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Irony during "American Craft Beer Week"®.

I was in a supermarket yesterday morning, straightening a display of beer that had been decimated over the weekend (a good thing), re-filling it with beer from a small, independent, local 'craft' brewery. Brewery X, I'll call it.

A man noticed, and asked me: "Are you a representative of Brewery X?"

Celebrate ACBW 2014 (01) "No," I replied, "but I'm with the wholesaler that distributes Brewery X beer."

"Well, I know Mr. S." the man continued. "He's the owner of Brewery X."

"I know him too," I replied.

"He's a good guy," the man said. "Yes, he is," I agreed.

The man nodded, walked a few steps to the beer cooler, and grabbed an 18-pack of Busch beer.

It's American Craft Beer Week® this week —sponsored, nationwide, by the Brewers Association. They, breweries, and drinkers alike may be celebrating, but there's still much work to do. Go out and do it: support your small, local, American brewery.


  • Read more at the Brewers Association.
  • Find a local ACBW celebration, event, or promotion, at CraftBeer.com/ACBW.
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  • Untappd is offering an American Craft Beer Week Badge for users who check in during ACBW events.

  • One definition of 'irony', at Merriam-Webster:
    Incongruity between the actual result of a sequence of events and the normal or expected result; an event or result marked by such incongruity. Incongruity between a situation developed in a drama and the accompanying words or actions that is understood by the audience but not by the characters in the play —called also dramatic irony, tragic irony.

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  1. He may think he's a good guy and all that--and he also just doesn't care for a strong/overly-hopped/dark/funky/whatever beer.
    I mean, I may know the guy that has a German car garage and consider him a great friend or neighbor, but I'm not giving up my Saturn station wagon and getting a BMW/VW/Mercedes station wagon as a result.....


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