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Clamps & Gaskets: News Roundup for Weeks 39/40, 2016.

Clamps and Gaskets: weekly roundup
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Weeks 39/40
25 September - 8 October 2016

  • 8 October 2016
    North American Guild of Beer Writers selects "The Beer Bible," by Jeff Alworth, as 2016's best book on beer.
    —Via NAGBW.

  • 8 October 2016
    Hitting Haiti, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and the southeastern United States, Hurricane Matthew killed an estimated 1,400, and caused destruction in excess of $6.9 billion.
    —Via Wikipedia.

  • Jack McAuliffe & New Albion Brewing (c.1976)
  • 8 October 2016
    Celebrating 40 years of 'craft' beer. On 8 October 1976, Jack McAuliffe opened New Albion Brewing, in Sonoma, California, in effect, the first American 'craft' beer brewery.
    —Via Tom Acitelli at All About Beer.

  • 6 October 2016
    The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commision fines the good folk at Anheuser-Busch InBev $6 million for bribing Indian officials and silencing a whistleblower.
    —Via Brewbound.

  • 6 October 2016
    Is there something awry with the 'craft' beer business in 2016?
    • The Craft Brew Alliance has laid off at least a dozen of the production employees working at its Woodinville, Washington facility, 10% of its total workforce. [] Craft Brew Alliance, the 9th-largest brewing company in the United states, produces Kona, Omission, Red Hook, and Widmer. Widmer and Red Hook are two of the original 'craft' breweries from the 1980s. The [U.S.] Brewers Association does not consider CBA to be a 'craft brewing company, not because of the beers themselves, but because Anheuser-Busch InBev (and now Pabst) holds an interest in the company.
    • Sierra Nevada Brewing is predicting a 4.4% drop in sales this year. Sierra Nevada is the 3rd largest BA-recognized 'craft' brewery and the 7th largest American brewing company overall. []
    • Sales at Boston Beer, maker of Sam Adams beers, etc., are down 4% from last year; its profits are down 11%. Boston Beer is the 2nd largest 'craft' brewery and the 5th largest American brewery overall. []
    • Ninety percent of those 6,720 breweries produce fewer than 100,000 barrels of beer annually. Combined, they account for less than 2 percent of all beer brewed in the U.S. To look at that another way, the [U.S.] Brewers Association's data show that (as of 31 December 2015) 178 'craft' breweries, out of a total of 4,225 'craft' breweries (thus only 4% of the total number), produced 77.8% of all 'craft' beer.
    —Via YFGF, at (Facebook).

  • 7 October 2016
    'Fresh-hopped' (or 'wet' or 'green'-hopped) beer: beers brewed with uncured hops within hours of harvest. 'Craft' beer may claim ownership of such, but records of such so-called 'harvest' beers exist for England as early as 1574.
    —Via Ed's Beer Site.

  • 7 October 2016
    The first segment of an eventual 2,200 miles of the Appalachian Trail opened ninety-three years ago today, in 1923, in New York state.
    —Via Appalachian Trail Conservancy.

  • 3 October 2016
    Neville Marriner —esteemed conductor and founder of chamber orchestra Academy of St. Martin in-the-Fields— dies at 92.
    —Via New York Times.

  • 2 October 2016
    The number of breweries in the UK rises 8% to approximately 1,700; the popularity of 'craft' beer is credited.
    —Via Guardian.

  • Vin Scully in Brooklyn
  • 2 October 2016
    Sports broadcaster Vin Scully retired on Sunday, 2 October 2016, at age 88, after broadcasting Dodgers baseball games for 67 years, the longest span that any broadcaster has been with a single team in professional sports history. Scully began with the team in 1950 when it still played in Brooklyn, New York (and since 1958, in Los Angeles).
    —Via New York Times.

  • 2 October 2016
    In its October 2016 issue, the magazine Wine Spectator chose beer, not wine, to pair with washed-rind cheese.
    —Via YFGF (at Flickr).

  • 30 September 2016
    Crony capitalism in the retail beer and wine industry? Retail Service and Systems Inc., the parent company of Total Wine and More, as been fined by the state of Maryland for making than $250,000 in illegal contributions to political candidates between 2011 and 2014. Owner David Trone says he did so to "buy access."
    —Via Washington Post.

  • MFK Fisher: How To Cook A Wolf (1942)
  • 27 September 2016
    M.F.K Fisher was the preeminent American food writer of the mid 20th century. In her 1942 book, "How to Cook A Wolf," she worte this about local, fresh beer:
    A beer carried quietly three miles is better than one shot across three thousand on a fast freight.
    —Via YFGF (with a hat-tip to Adrian Tierney-Jones).

  • 27 September 2016
    The terroir of hops: does it matter where they're grown? Me: well, yeah.
    —Via DRAFT Magazine.

  • 26 September 2016
    As of September 2016, there were 6,720 breweries holding active permits in the U.S., "and more to come."
    —Via National Beer Wholesalers Association, at YFGF.

  • 26 September 2016
    A (thin) majority of Senate now endorses the Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act. Will it come to a vote?
    —Via [U.S.] Brewers Association.

  • 25 September 2016
    U.S. golf great Arnold Palmer dies at 87.
    —Via AP.

  • 24 September 2016
    J’ai gros couer. Stanley Dural Jr., aka Buckwheat Zydeco —accordionist and zydeco music bandleader— has died at 68.
    —Via Rolling Stone.

  • 25 September 2016
    'Craft' spirits comprise 2% of the annual $72 billion spirits sales in the U.S.; projected to rise to 8% by 2020.
    —Via Columbus Business First.

  • Cask Report 2017
  • 25 September 2016
    Cask Marque releases its 2017 Cask Ale Report, an annual summary of the cask ale market in the United Kingdom.
    Although craft beer and cask ale are not always the same thing, it is legitimate to think of cask as part of the craft beer boom. In fact, it's essential to see and speak of it that way.
    —Via Cask Marque (at Flickr).
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