Thursday, October 19, 2017

#VeggieDag Thursday: Beer! It's what's for vegan dinner!

Vegan Month of Food 2017

October 2017 is Vegan MoFo, the Vegan Month of Food. Throughout the month, bloggers, Tweeters, and Instagrammers write on vegan food and lifestyle.

On 17 October, the topic was:
Time to get boozy! What do you do with hooch? Beer batter? Red wine braise? Vodka sauce? Tell us about it!

To which, I answered:
Barley (grain) + hops (flowers of a plant) + yeast (fungus) + water. Together, it's beer! It's what's for vegan dinner!

P.S. Saying beer isn't vegan because some brewers (such as Guinness) have used animal products is like saying food isn't vegan because some people eat animal flesh.

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"Opening Soon Bittersweet" IPA


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