Saturday, December 30, 2023

Pic(k) of the Week: Outlier No. 19 Helms Deep Bierschnaps

Outlier No. 19 Helms Deep Bierschnaps

Tippling a dram
From a barrel of collaboration. 
Warming a winter's night.

In the tasting room at Independent Distilling Company: Decatur, Georgia, USA. 16 December 2023.
Our Outlier No. 19 Helms Deep Bierschnaps is a collaboration with our friends at Three Taverns Brewery (Decatur, Georgia). We distilled their famous Helms Deep Imperial Stout, then aged it in a used Hellbender Bourbon barrel for four years. Enjoy rich aromas of heavily roasted malts on the nose that translate, on the palate, into rich cocoa, lush dark fruits, hints of cereal, vanilla, and coffee, and dense oak. One in our limited Outlier Series: only 95 bottles produced. 42.5% alcohol-by-volume.

This series of weekly photos (which began in 2009) begins anew next week for a new year. As the final Pic(k) of the Week for 2023, I thought it appropriate to post an image of a good fermentable. To all my readers, I wish you a safe, healthy, prosperous, and tasty 2024.

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