more about Thomas Cizauskas My name is Thomas 'Tom' Cizauskas, and I have a love affair with beer.

Since the late 1980s, I've been in the beer business: as a brewer, brewpub owner, speaker and writer, beer (and wine) wholesaler, and consultant.

Since 2002, YOURS FOR GOOD FERMENTABLES has been a chronicle of that relationship with beer: not simply its flavors —as delicious, complex, and varied as they may be— but with its history, science, lore, business, and evolving creation. As a man —or woman— cannot live on beer alone (although some may have tried), I do also write about wine and whisk(e)y, vegetarian comestibles, and other things.

In the greater Atlanta, Georgia area, contact me for consultation services and speaking engagements.
  • Brewery brand development.
  • Brewery consultation.
  • Cask ale consultation.
  • Beer writing.
  • Beer seminars and speaking engagements.
  • Beer dinners.
  • Restaurant wine and beer list creation.

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