Friday, April 16, 2004

I-95 Real Ale Boogie

I admit it. I did it. Yesterday, I did the I-95 Real Ale Boogie.

@Sean Bolans, in Federal Hill, Baltimore, Maryland.
RCH Old Slug Porter
a cask, served by gravity tap
Bartender Ken

Still a wee yeasty, but with wonderful dark chocolate, licorice and blackberry notes. In good condition with a foam collar that persisted to the end of the glass. Overheard at the bar: "One of the best cask ales I've had here."

@The Reef, in Adams Morgan, Washington, D.C.
RCH Pitchfork Bitter
a cask, served by gravity tap
Bartender Marcus

Bright deep golden, good condition. Malt color and character comes from only pale malt. Good orange-rind nose, some "distant wood" (I've appropriated that descriptor, if for another beer, from the Mid-Atlantic Brewing News), hints of grassiness and fruit candy. Hop character lingers.


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