Saturday, January 22, 2005

Spirit of Belgium

Here's a hearty thank you (how does one say that in Flemish?) to Becky and Dave Pyle, Tom and Colleen Cannon, Andy Anderson, Christine Johnbrier, Rick Garvin, and ALL at BURP who produced that tremendous event last weekend - the Spirit of Belgium.

As an invited judge for the homebrew competition, I tasted some stunningly well-made fruited lambics. One fellow judge commented, "I would buy this if it were were commercially made." A case for me too!

I wasn't able to attend the other events, including a delicious-sounding banquet (with meals prepared by the chef of the Belgian Embassy), but I've heard rhapsodic comments from others who did.

Here's a wish for many more SOBs.

Yours for good fermentables,
Thomas Cizauskas

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