Thursday, April 14, 2005

Baseball returns and my Philly regrets

I grew up in DC, back when the Redskins were terrible and the Senators, our baseball team, moreso ... but at least we had baseball.

Today, after 34 years, prodigal baseball has returned, and things don't seem as gray.

Also this week in nearby Philadelphia, professional brewers, brewery owners, brewing scientists, equipment fabricators, and assorted poobahs and grunts of the craft beer world have convened and consumed. It's the annual Craft Brewers Conference. And its a grand occasion.

It was 1997 in Seattle that I was to it last. And this year, it pains me to miss it, so palpably close. I couldn't justify the trip: selling beer, Clipper City Brewing Company beer of Baltimore, is my job now, and I could do that more effectively here.

Maybe next year!

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