Sunday, September 14, 2008

Germany via Baltimore

From Sunday, 14 September:

Here are my Twitter posts [What's Twitter, you ask? Go here.] while in Baltimore at Max's TapHouse for the pub's 1st annual German Beer Fest. Over 50 German drafts —at least when the festival began on Friday— and over 100 different German bottled beers. (Full list here.)

Redskins, Nationals, or 1st annual German Beerfest at Maxs in Baltimore. I choose the last one. Walking in.

Started with 'traditional' international Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest. Had to pay tribute to the conglomerates.

For its German sausage platter, Max's arranged to freight in sausages from Stiegelmeier in Illinois. A local source, Baltimore's famous sausage-maker —Binkert's— has been temporarily closed since suffering a fire.

Reisdorf KoelschI didn't order the sausages, but did see many platters being served. Instead, much to the bemusement of bar manager Bob Simko, I ordered a bowl of sauerkraut. And with it, I drank ...

... Reissdorf Koelsch. From a side-tapped keg. Just a hint of fruitiness. A delicious lagered ale. Served like this, the beer shows more of its character than from the bottle.


Aecht Schenkerla Rauch Helles. Draft. Gentle sweet malt with a small amount of smoke aroma and banana ester.


Lisa and DominicKlosterbrauerei Ettal Dunkel. Draft. Brownish-red. Firm body and aroma of toasted bread.

About this time I met up with Dominic Catalupo and Lisa Lawson, both of the Society for the Preservation of Beer from the Wood.

The Redskins won; the Nationals lost; the beerlist was stellar.

More photos here.

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