Friday, September 12, 2008

New taphouse in northern Virginia: Tap & Vine

I stopped in recently at Grape Juice, a wine and beer shop in Arlington, Va.

The owners were busy working on the build-out at nearby Tap & Vine, their proposed good-beer-centric (and wine) restaurant and pub. They plan to be finished soon, opening with 10 beer taps, and 6 additional soon thereafter.

[UPDATE: Open as of Thursday 2 October 2008. Photos here.]

Tap & Vine: coming soon


  1. Very nice and much needed. Is this associated with Restaurant Vero as well? I thought that the Grape Juice wine shop was also associated with Vero. This makes a nice little destination in North Arlington. We'll roll down the hill from McLean to visit.

    Cheers, Rick

  2. Yes, Tap & Vine is indeed associated with Restaurant Vero and Grape Juice. It's a hat trick!

  3. This is a nice addition to Arlington's restaurants. It's informal and reasonable, a good complement to its sister restaurant Vero. We had a very good lunch there. The menu has a wide variety of selections and there is a children's menu. The decor is pleasant, the help is friendly, and the service efficient. There is no cutoff of service, with the menu available from opening to closing, so it's a good place to catch a late lunch or an early family dinner, or a late dinner for that matter.
    Judy M.

  4. Just ate there tonight. We've watched restaurant after restaurant fail in that location but we've been hoping that a family friendly place would open in the neighborhood. Two words.......very good! Great staff, great selection of beers and wine, great menu.....we will be returning. Reasonably priced food that tastes great is a recipe for success. The parking lot doesn't look as busy as the restaurant actually is because so many people walk to the restaurant. We hope everyone enjoys it as much as we did.

    p.s. the risotto balls were great as was the tomato soup!

  5. Like the previous writer, I too have watched restaurant after restaurant fail in this location (with good reason -- they were all bad.) I was very excited to learn that this new restaurant was owned by the same folks as Restaurant Vero and Grape Juice. They are consistently good. Tap & Vine is a nice little place with a casual menu and reasonable prices. My husband tried the Chicken Breast which comes with a side salad and fries and I had the Beef Short Rib (boneless) sliders with fries. They were awesome! The fries are to die for too and I'm not even a big french fry fan. I also had lunch there and tried the pulled pork sandwich with slaw & fries and that too was very good. Since they opened they have also made the macaroni and cheese available on the adult's menu as well as the kids. It comes with your choice of add ons such as broccoli, bacon, etc. and I am very much looking forward to trying it. Thank you Joy & Veronica for opening up another great eatery just 2 blocks from my house!


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