Monday, January 04, 2010

Clamps & Gaskets: Roundup for Week 52

Clamps and Gaskets: weekly roundupWeek 52
27 December 2009 - 2 January 2010

  • 2010.01.02
    There's always room for beer education. I overheard a bar customer who was looking at a wood-clad gravity-tapped keg of Schneider-Weisse: "That's just for show, right?"

  • 2010.01.01
    Today in 1875, the world's oldest trademark was registered: the red triangle for Bass Ale.

  • 2009.12.31
    More demand for fresh local beer! Washington D.C. population to top 600,000 for the first time in decades:

  • 2009.12.31
    Wall Street Journal cancels its wine column. John Brecher & Dorothy Gaiter's final essay: Analysis:

  • 2009.12.31
    Sign of the times. Via @gourmet: Tavern on the Green in Central Park NYC will serve its last meal on New Year's Eve.

  • 2009.12.30
    Penn Brewery -famous for its Penn Pilsner- has reopened with ... its first ever Pale Ale.

  • 2009.12.30
    DuClaw Brewing closes its Fells Point bar. NONE of their other locations to close. More:

  • 2009.12.30
    Great vocal 'pipes' and copywriting. On NPR's Morning Edition since its first broadcast in 1979, announcer Carl Kassel has his final newscast today.

  • 2009.12.30
    A fascinating look at origin of words "beer" and "ale." At blog Zythophile:

  • 2009.12.29
    Chef Bryan Voltaggio of Restaurant Volt pushes Frederick County to be the first county in Maryland to allow restaurant patrons to bring in bottles of wine purchased elsewhere.

  • 2009.12.28
    Beer writer Stephen Beaumont forgoes alcoholic 'bang for the buck' for his selection for 2009 Taste (beer) of the Year. Chooses FLAVOR instead!

  • 2009.12.27
    The Music They Made - a slideshow of musical greats who died in 2009:

  • 2009.12.27
    First there was "Hops and Glory," a recounting of an attempt to recreate Pale Ale's 19th century journey by sailing ship from England to India. Now, an attempt to brew Allsopp's Arctic Ale (and follow its 19th century journey) for a documentary.

  • 2009.12.27
    Digital revolution? Kindle e-books outsell 'real' books on Christmas Day [but ... ]

  • 2009.12.27
    There's always room for beer education. Seen on Twitter: "My thought process when ordering beer - Highest Alcohol Content for the Lowest Price."

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