Thursday, November 04, 2010

VeggieDag Thursday: Vegan MoFo IV

I'm not a vegan. I don't like that word. It has an ugly sound: refering perhaps to a denizen of the Vegan solar system? Vegetarian is a fine word, but it has been modified beyond useful meaning.

The Vegan Society defines veganism as living free from animal products. I don't eat animal flesh (my reasons involve issues of health, sustainability, use of resources, and animal sentience), but since I do eat cheese (and my dress shoes are leather), I fail at their definition of the category. So, this month I'll only be an observer of the cheekily named Vegan MoFo, that is, the Vegan Month of Food.

The idea is to write as much as you can all month, about vegan food. The blog entries can be about anything food related – your love of tongs, your top secret tofu pressing techniques, the first time your mom cooked vegan for you, vegan options in Timbuktu – you get the idea, right? If not, browse around on some of our round-ups and you’ll catch on fast! There aren’t strict guidelines for how often to write, but the idea is to shoot for every weekday, or about 20 times in the month.
Chopped salad 011
Chopped Salad

... and the Number 1 reason why I only eat plant-based foods: In season, and fresh, they taste so darn good!

  • Vegan MoFo has an accompanying Flickr group at which to post photos: here.
  • I blogged about three prior years of VeganMoFo: here.
  • VeggieDag is an occasional Thursday post on vegetarian issues. Why the name? Here.
  • Suggestions and submissions from chefs and homecooks welcomed! Here.

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