Wednesday, November 03, 2010

That couldn't possibly happen again.

Ninety-four years and two days ago, 1 November 1916, the Commonwealth of Virginia went 'dry', enforcing statewide prohibition against the sale and importation of intoxicating beverages. The enabling legislation, the Mapp Act, prohibited all malt production, even of non-alcoholic beer, for sale in-state. Prohibition went national, nearly four years later, in January, 1920.

That couldn't possibly happen again, could it?

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  1. Well, it depends who listens to those guys who produced a "study" printed in The Lancet saying that "alcohol is a more dangerous drug than heroin"..... I mean, the only thing that would keep power-hungry legislators from passing legislation to protect ourselves from ourselves would be those evil special interests and industry lobbyists, right? <:-)


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