Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Irene & beer: What happened and what is needed?

Hurricane Irene is proving to have been a lot more destructive to property and livelihood and life than we fortunate many at first believed. Witness the diluvial destruction in New Jersey and Vermont.

This is a blog about beer, and I have read little about the impact of Hurricane Irene upon our craft beer industry on the East Coast.

For the historical record, let us know how you, our sisters and brothers in craft beer, survived Irene, or suffered. Lost power? Lost beer? Or, hoping not, worse?

And, for dire need, let the craft beer community know what is needed, and where. I'm confident that we all stand ready to assist.

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  1. The storm power surges fried my computer. While not directly related to beer, its how I do my beer blogging. Additionally, I had several award winning homebrew recipes saved on that computer. Nothing anyone could have done, except remind me to shutdown and unplug the computadora.

    Hope everyone fared well during the storm!


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