Friday, September 30, 2011

Life isn't all beer and skittles.

It's not often, but sometimes, that YFGF looks up from a beer mug. Tonight, that will be so.

Baseball playoffs!

Clipper City Golds"
Unless you're a citizen of Boston or a native of Atlanta, Wednesday's season conclusion may have been the most thrilling thing to happen in recent baseball history. (And, please, let's not have that trope that nothing exciting ever happens in baseball.) The down to the last strike, last out, last game, win by the the Orioles (yeah, Baltimore) and the Rays (go, uh, Tampa), and the double-historic end-of-season collapses by their respective opponents Red Sox and the Braves —collapses so severe that their scopes have never been witnessed since baseball was first organized in the 19th century— together were the ingredients that brewed an evening of pure baseball ecstasy.

As the best writer in baseball today, Tom Boswell, of the Washington Post, put it: "The glorious insanity fed on itself and went viral."

Now, October begins —a day early— and we, Washington Nationals fans, will root for the nefarious Philadelphia Phillies to lose (and, we, Nats fans of a certain vintage, will yet root against the nefarious Bob Short and his 40-year old progeny, the Texas Rangers).

For the next few weeks, the air will be crisp, the foliage brilliant; the beer will be cold, and the baseball hot. October is the splendid season.

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