Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Birthday in Beer: Lew Bryson

Lew Bryson isn't a brewer, but he counts many as his friends. Indeed, for two decades, he has been a friend to all 'craft' brewers through his craft. Mr. Bryson writes —and writes— about good beer (and whisky).

Bryson is managing editor of Whisky Advocate Magazine; a regular writer on beer for Ale Street News and Massachusetts Beverage Business magazine; the writer of a witty, sometimes hilarious, and always insightful beer blog --Seen Through a Glass; and the author of four guidebooks to regional breweries and good beer bars: Pennsylvania Breweries, Virginia, Maryland & Delaware Breweries, New York Breweries, and New Jersey Breweries; a campaigner for session beer and against arcane alcohol laws.

Session Beer Project

As if that weren't enough, Bryson has a new project in production. When completed, American Beer Blogger will be a video series devoted to the American 'craft beer' scene.

Bryson's oeuvre is impressive, and on-going. But, hands-down, he is the man with the best laugh in the 'craft beer' business: an honest-to-goodness infectious from-the-belly guffaw. Today, hoist a good beer, and with a good, loud, chuckle, toast Lew Bryson. It's his birthday.

08_Tyler's Taproom
Bryson, in center.


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