Tuesday, July 10, 2012

3 Stars now brewing; beers due in August.

Where there were none, now there are three, Washington, D.C.!

Here's today's press release from 3 Stars Brewing Company, which has joined Chocolate City and DC Brau as one of only three production breweries to operate in the Nation's Capital since the 1950s.

3 Stars Brewing
It’s official – residents of the District of Columbia now have another craft brewery operating at full steam in their backyard. The long-awaited 3 Stars Brewing Company is excited to announce that it has completed the inspection and permitting process, and is now brewing in Takoma, Washington, D.C.

“The build-out and permitting process has taken a bit longer than Mike & I had expected, but we’re excited to finally have brewing operations underway” says 3 Stars President Dave Coleman. “We have used the extra time to refine some of our recipes, and get the word out in the community about our beers so there’s excitement and an appreciation about what we’re doing at 3 Stars Brewing Company.”

"I am very excited to have 3 Stars Brewing Company as a part of the DC craft beer scene,” says Greg Jasgur,
 Executive Bar Manager of 
Pizzeria Paradiso/Birreria Paradiso. “I have been particularly impressed with the care and thoughtfulness they have shown with their collaborative releases, and am quite eager to see what they have brewing for all of us in the future. I hope to be drinking interesting, delicious 3 Stars beers for a very long time."

3 Stars stars
Mike McGarvey (l); Dave Coleman (r)

Coleman and co-founder Mike McGarvey are planning on releasing three different beers as their initial offerings to the DC market this summer, including:
  • Urban Farmhouse: a Belgian-style Saison (6.5% ABV) with a slightly sweet fruity nose, hints of grass & coriander, and a clean dry finish with smooth lingering citrus notes.
  • The Southern Belle: an Imperial Brown Ale (8.7% ABV) carries subtle notes of roasted coffee, toasted pecans, and oak, with a smooth, yet slightly effervescent, mouthfeel and deep rich malt character.
  • The Pandemic Porter: an American Imperial Porter (9.6% ABV) with cold steeped fresh-roasted small batch coffee added during secondary fermentation. Loaded with a huge roasted malt and coffee nose, and chocolate and roasted malt flavors up front, this porter finishes smooth with lingering chocolate and coffee flavors and balanced malt bitterness.

Once released, 3 Stars Brewing Company beers will be available at restaurants and bars throughout DC, as well as some retail outlets, both on tap and in 750 ml bottles.

"The launch of 3 Stars Brewing Company should have everyone in DC excited. Our team at Smith Commons has had an opportunity to sample several of their offerings, and it is safe to say that Dave and Mike are brewing up world-class beers,” says Miles Gray, Managing Partner of Smith Commons Dining Room & Public House. “The brews are truly artisan in execution and express a subtle, yet flavorful complexity not often seen in Mid-Atlantic beers.”

About 3 Stars Brewing Company
3 Stars Brewing Company is delivering on the promise of bringing locally hand-crafted artisanal ales to the DC area. The company consists of Dave Coleman and Mike McGarvey, two long time friends who decided to seize the opportunity to produce high quality beer for the District of Columbia – hoping to make this world-class city a world-class craft beer destination. For more information about the brewery, please visit www.3starsbrewing.com.

3 Stars says that its initial distribution will be within Washington, D.C. only, with expansion to the suburbs of Virginia and Maryland to follow at some point. The brewery's current packaging plans are for kegs and 750-ml (25.4 ounces) bottles. The tasting room will open (and brewery tours will begin) once beers are being sold in August.

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