Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lupulin Threshold Shift

A friend reminded me of how funny this video is.

"Shit Beer Geeks Say" might be from the land down under, but, without the accent, it could easily have been recorded at the next U.S. bar-stool over. Admit it: if you're into good beer, you've said silly beer things like these, sober or jolly.

There are several hilarious lines, but listen for "This brewery's really gone downhill since they've added the extra capacity" and "That is hideous infected. Unless it's a lambic; in that case, it's awesome!" All said with that universal beer-geeky, lip-smacking, squinty-eyed, secret-knowledge, nodding look. I'll be adding the phrase "lupulin threshold shift" into my beer-bar lexicon.

Kudos to Bridge Road Brewers in Victoria, Australia, for this clever bit of videography.

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