Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Please read: A brewer needs your help.

Brewing beer is a glorious thing; and it can be a very dangerous thing. It's an industrial process with palpable hazards requiring industrial care.

Kerry Thomas (Caldwell) is the brewmaster at Edge Brewing Company in Boise, Idaho. Last Friday, 10 July, Thomas was brewing "her favorite beer," Obligatory Double IPA. As the kettle came to a full boil, the wort spurted onto the brewhouse platform where she was standing.

“She threw the hops in there and it started bubbling and boiling and had a bad reaction,” Cory Thomas [her husband] said. “She turned her back for a moment because she wanted to make sure her assistant was OK and as soon as she turned her back, it just exploded and ‘volcanoed’ all over her.”
Idaho Statesman

According to a GoFundMe site set up for her by family and friends, Thomas has suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns over 30% of her body. She'll require extensive surgery and skin grafting, at the Burn Center of the University of Utah Hospital, where she is being cared for.

Brewmaster Kerry's Burn Relief Fund

I don't know Ms. Thomas, but I do know that the operations she'll need, and the care and rehabilitation, will not be pleasant and will not come cheap. Step up, 'craft' beer world-ers, and help a fellow sister-in-beer.

Ms. Thomas is back at work and says she "feels like I can conquer anything.” But symptoms remain. —Idaho Statesman
1 July 2016.

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