Tuesday, October 13, 2015

For 2015: Baltimore Beer Legends Hall of Fame.

Baltimore Beer Week 2015

Baltimore Beer Week is on! The Baltimore, Maryland, metro-area celebration of beer began Saturday 9 October and runs through Sunday 18 October.

For this year, the festival's 7th annual iteration, the organizers have created the Baltimore Beer Legends Hall of Fame,
to recognize and honor men and women, past and present, who by their innovation, achievement, influence and/or contribution, and by the example of their lives, personify the great contribution that beer has made to our way of life in the 'Land of Pleasant Living': the beer industry in Baltimore and the surrounding Chesapeake region.

Baltimore Beer Legends Hall of Fame 2015

Individuals will be inducted every year during Baltimore Beer Week. For 2015, those inaugural inductees are:
  • Thomas “Nelson” Carey III : beer, wine retailer, and restaurateur
  • Bob Footlick: President, Bond Distributing
  • Tim Hillman: beer, wine retailer
  • Mick Kipp (aka Mick T Pirate): food and beer entrepreneur

Baltimore Beer Week was founded in 2009 by longtime Baltimore, Maryland, beer maven Joe Gold; Baltimore Sun then-columnist, Rob Kasper; beer and real ale organizer, Dominic Cantalupo; then-president of the Free State Home Brewer's Guild, Les White; and Alexander D. Mitchell, a reporter for the Mid-Atlantic Brewing News.


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