Saturday, May 21, 2016

Pic(k) of the Week: Two sours & a stout.

Two sours & a stout

A posed photo, yes, but these three beers had been drunk and enjoyed at the Inman Park Festival, in Atlanta, Georgia, on 30 April 2016.

The beers, left to right, were:

  • Evil Twin Brewing: Sour Bikini
    • contract brewery: Copenhagen, Denmark.
    • Sour Pale Ale; 3% alcohol-by-volume (abv)
    • Brewed and packaged by Westbrook Brewing, of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.
  • Anderson Valley Brewing: Bood Orange Gose
    • Brewry founded in 1987 in Boonville, California.
    • Gose; 4.2% abv.
    • Gose (pronounced: GO zuh) is a light sour ale, brewed with wheat (and barley), salt, and coriander, and fermented with lactobacillus bacteria (and yeast).
  • Stillwater Artisinal Brewing: On Fleek
    • contract brewery: Baltimore, Maryland.
    • Imperial Stout; 13% abv.
    • Grist includes dark sugars and molasses.
    • Brewed and packaged at Two Roads Brewing in Stratford, Connecticut, in 'collaboration' with Casita Cerveceria of Greensboro Bend, Vermont.
And this, left to right, is how I perceived them:
  • Puckering;
  • Refreshingly sour;
  • Roasty, big, and funky.
Not all at our table enjoyed the beers equally well. Contrarians offered opinions that were, shall we say ['language' alert], salty. Not I. De gustibus non disputandum.


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