Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Beer II

The writers at Celebrator Magazine have anointed Clipper City's Below Decks Barleywine - tied with six others - as their choice as best barleywine for 2006/7 out of 15 tasted. Their tasting notes were:

Nice light malty nose, amber color and a tan head. Delicious balance of sweet malt up front giving way to sharp hop character midway through. Rich notes of apples and licorice add to the overall complexity of this fine beer.
On the Blind Tasting Panel were: Jay R. Brooks - tasting panel director of Celebrator, Tom Dalldorf - editor/publisher of Celebrator, Vic Kralj - owner of The Bistro in Hayward CA, and Pete Slosberg, founder of Pete's Brewing Company. The results were published in Celebrator's February/March 2007 issue, page 29.

And who were the six others that, along with Below Decks, were designated as "Exceptionally great; something special"?
Barstow-Lundy Barleywine (Iron Springs Brewing, CA), Doggie Claws Barley Wine Style Ale (Hair of the Dog Brewing, OR), Lost Abbey Angel's Share (Port Brewing, CA), Old Dipsea Barleywine Style Ale (Marin Brewing, CA), Schooner's Old Diablo 2004 Barleywine Style Ale (Schooner's Grille & Brewery, CA), and Talon (Mendocino Brewing, CA).
What is a barleywine?

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