Monday, December 22, 2008

Last minute Xmas gifts:2 ebooks

For procrastinators (and non), Yours For Good recommends two ebooks as gifts this year. You can get both in just minutes via download.

The first, I've mentioned before.

Amber, Gold & Black
, by Martyn Cornell of Zythophile blog fame, is an ebook on British beer styles.

Rather than relying on commonly accepted conjecture, Mr. Cornell has researched actual historical records and reports. And in the process, he may have disabused us of some of our preciously held beer myths (hint: porter, IPA). (See my recent rant on Baltic Porter.) Good stuff, entertainingly written, and stuffed with great pics and old beer labels.

Amber, Gold & Black

The other is The Vegan Dad Cookbook, just released by Nathan Kozuskanich, who writes a blog as The Vegan Dad.

Culling from recipes he's published at his blog, Mr. Kozuskanich addresses how to cook vegan meals for children —when time is of the essence. (Helpful even for non-children.)

For those occasions when there might be ample time in the kitchen, some of the recipes are more complex —maybe even gourmet-ish.

And, yes, some of the recipes have been prepared in the YFGF kitchen.
The Vegan Dad Cookbook


  1. Amber, Gold & Black...a great book. I'm writing a 20,000 word history of beer book for Reaktion Publishers in London (how I'll be able to do this in just 20K words should be v-e-r-y interesting), with 50 added illustrations for padding. I'm certainly going to have to get ahold of Martyn during my research. I appreciate beer history contrarians, especially ones who actually do good old-fashioned research and not just spout the same old tired beer fables.

  2. The history of beer in twenty-thousand beers: if anyone can write/edit that, it's Bob! (And probably re-illuminate more ancient beer nuggets long forgotten.)


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