Friday, December 26, 2008

No misfortune #1

The YFGF Christmas meal was served with Malheur 12° from Brewery DeLandtsheer of Belgium and a 2007 Thorn-Clarke Shotfire Barossa Shiraz.

The first had a marvelous brown-sugary aroma and flavor. Toss in flavors of prunes, toffee, maybe Bailey's Irish Cream. In this case, the 12° is 12% alcohol by volume.

The Shiraz was plummy and oaked, with notes of vanilla and spice.

Christmas table

The menu wasFor dessert, it was Maple-Baked Spiced Nuts (and a final glass of the Malheur 12).

And for all, it was a good night.

["Misfortune" is the translation of "malheur".]

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