Saturday, December 27, 2008

No misfortune #2

As has been reported here before, a contest of photos of beer was recently held, conducted concurrently by blogger Stonch of the UK and blogger Alan of Canada.

Click here on Stonch or Alan for the lists of grand and lesser winners.

A photograph I submitted was one of the latter, but yet still a winner.

Consequently, I'm to be a recipient of schwag: an Obaminator tee-shirt, graciously donated by the Wynkoop Brewery of Denver, Colorado, which had brewed a bock beer of that name at the time of the Democratic Party Convention held in that city.

Here is my winning entry.

It's a photo of a firkin of Clipper City Brewing's Loose Cannon Hop3 Ale, taken on 24 September 2007.

The firkin's shive bung tut has been broached, and the soft bamboo spile is fobbing as the firkin comes into condition. The firkin sits covered by an insulated blanket, keeping it cool, in the upper dining room of the Taco Mac Restaurant in the Lindbergh Center of downtown Atlanta, Georgia. The glow of a television monitor, displaying a poster advertising the beer, illuminates the blanket. Later that evening, the cask was tapped, and served to accompany a beer dinner, organized by General Manager Fred Crudder and prepared by Executive Chef Matthew Deckard.


And now, my acceptance speech.

Thank you to Jeff (Stonch) and Alan for organizing the contest. Thank you to Wynkoop Brewery for donating the prize. Thank you to Taco Mac for the beer dinner.

And thank you to Cellarman Stephen Marsh of Clipper City Brewing for preparing a wonderful cask of ale.

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