Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Dirty Dozen: The Best of Beer on Twitter

I am composing a blog post on the essential dozen Twitter-ers of beer.

I'd like your help.

If you're on Twitter, and have a candidate (and it could even be you), leave a comment below or email me. Obviously give me the @Twitter name, but also the reason(s) why this person should be followed on Twitter.

For instance, a candidate might post about the place in which they live, but they should also post about the beer world in general. Likewise, any one area of expertise would be a qualification, but more so would be an interest in several topics of beer.

And: Links to interesting stories should outnumber unconnected replies to unknown Tweets. Links to one's own blog should be only occasional. Clarity of composition preferred.

As an example, see this suggested list of wine's top Twittering dozen.

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