Thursday, June 18, 2009

Craft beer: no holy standard

There are times when bons mots may figuratively threaten to jump out at me from a written page or from my computer screen, and I may almost drop my beer glass out of surprised delight, or as in this case, because it was early morning, I may almost scald myself with hot coffee, which was, by the way, Ethiopian Yurgicheffe.

Causing this ruckus was Alan McLeod of A Good Beer Blog and his contribution to a written rhubarb that had begun elsewhere (with a review of a rhubarb beer).

There is no absolute concept of "craft beer" that somehow sits as a holy standard against which our experiences as beer fans are measured. It is, in fact, not enough to say "respect beer" - it should be "respect good beer" with the fight sitting only within the meaning of "good" with each glass making its own case in the overall debate.

Penumbrae of Mills and Plato!
It is not that it is “just beer” so much as running after the increasing parade of the highly priced precious few dulls the true experience of the actually wonderful.

Yet, I do have a stalk in this rhubarb. It was, after all, Alan who thought to write this, and not I. My coffee cup needs refreshing.

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