Monday, July 05, 2010

Good fermentables for life

Ronald Neame died in June at age 99. He was a film director of many films. Several achieved critical acclaim, including Tunes of Glory and The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. His greatest box office success —which he referred to as "just an ordinary, run-of-the-mill action picture"— was The Poseidon Adventure.

At age 95, four years ago, here's what Mr. Neame had to say about his long life, as quoted in the Washington Post:

Mr. Neame said that among the atrocities of old age was losing his taste for alcohol, which the Brit had long considered his fountain of youth.

"When people ask me about the secret to longevity, I say the honest answer is two large vodkas at lunchtime and three large scotches in the evening," Mr. Neame told Bowes. "All my doctors have said to me, 'Ronnie, if you would drink less, you'd live a lot longer.' And they are all dead, and I'm still here at 95."

Mr. Neame leaves a legacy in film, and a legacy of living life well. Good fermentables for life.

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