Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Keep it DYBTG

Here is what John Hansell, editor of Malt Advocate Magazine, wrote in a recent blog piece:

In this very interesting and exciting era of mushrooming new distilleries and unprecedented experimentation (both of which I am thankful for), I am asking distillers to keep one thing in mind:

While you’re trying to “one-up” your competition by using the newest barley strain, the newest grain(s), the highest peat level, the newest type of wood, the most distillations, the oldest whisky, the fanciest packaging, the most esoteric wine barrel, etc., please remember that all we really care about is that your whisky tastes good. And that it is fairly priced.

Now, here's what beer writer Stephen Beaumont wrote in reaction to that:
"think about substituting “brewers” for “distillers” and “beer” for “whisky” throughout!"


Keep it DYBTG: does your beer taste good? What follows depends upon that.

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