Sunday, August 08, 2010

Real Ale in the United States (Google Maps)

Alex Hall has done a lot for the condition of cask-conditioned real ale in America.

Now, he has done more, creating a mashup of his Cask Beer Finder Database and Google Maps. It's an on-line map of "all known bars and restaurants in the United States that serve cask-conditioned craft beer" ... as those accounts alert Alex Hall that they do so!

In addition to indicating which brewpubs, restaurants, and bars serve 'classic' cask-conditioned beers, Mr. Hall has also included those that serve tank-conditioned and keg-conditioned beers, "as long as these are 100% naturally carbonated, and extraneous gas is not used at any time in the dispense."

View Larger Map

This map is special enough that I've embedded it above. As Mr. Hall updates his map, it will be updated here. But, please: if you wish to learn more about cask-conditioned real ale, visit his site at

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