Friday, August 13, 2010

Chef Teddy Folkman responds

The 2nd annual DC Beer Week takes place August 20th through the 28th in Washington, D.C.

I wrote recently that it was my perception that the festival had failed to aggressively reach out for local breweries. Chef Teddy Folkman —a co-founder of DC Beer Week— responded, and with a new logo for the festival:

DC Beer Week 2010

As an organizer of the event I really feel your pain as far as including local breweries. It gets logistical. What is considered too far to be included? Is Star Hill a local brewery? Do we extend out to Frederick? What about the bars and restaurants in those areas that then want to participate in DC Beer Week? With Stars and Bars, Chocolate City, and DC Brau, it is going to get more interesting next year. It is something that we debated and since we are still in our toddler stage of growing the events and participants we can't open that can of worms... yet. Next year we want a home brewing competition, and also try and incorporate those "local" breweries to do events with the various establishments in DC. I love the suggestions and want to grow this into the best it can be. Thanks for all your interest and input, we need the beer community to help guide us.

Teddy Folkman

Teddy Folkman is chef at Granville Moore's in the Atlas District of Washington, D.C. Among his many accomplishments, Folkman bested 'celebrity-chef' Bobby Flay in a televised mussels-cooking competition.

Folkman and Wells

In the photo, Chef Folkman is sitting in the foreground, with beer distributor 'Hoppy' Jeff Wells, fellow co-founder of DC Beer Week.


  1. Thomas,

    Did you catch this story on NPR about "Gypsy Brewing" in the Maryland area, which played out here on the west coast yesterday:

    Regards, John Sphar

  2. Sure did, John. Thanks for the link!

  3. I am surprised to find myself more excited for Baltimore Beer Week, and I live in Northern Virginia!


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