Thursday, August 12, 2010

Washington DC (Summer) Restaurant Week

Next week, August 16-22, 2010, it's the 16th annual Washington DC Restaurant Week, summer edition. (There's another week observed in January.)

As opposed to the following week's DC Beer Week, this foodie celebration extends festivities past the city's boundaries into the greater metropolitan area. According to the official website, participating restaurants will be offering three-course fixed-price lunch menus for $20.10 and three-course fixed-price dinner menus for $35.10. Beverages, gratuity and tax will not included.

Some of the restaurants really get into the swing of things and offer almost their entire menus as part of the deal —a big deal, indeed. As the official website doesn't list this information, a better resource would be from Linda Shapiro at the Washington DC She's compiled (and updates and reviews) the menus for all of the participating venues.

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