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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Clamps & Gaskets: Roundup for 2010 Weeks 46/47/48

Clamps and Gaskets: weekly roundup
A non-comprehensive roundup of the week's
(in this instance, 3 weeks')
news of beer and other things.

Weeks 46/47/48
14 November 2010 - 4 December 2010

  • 2010.12.04
    Montgomery County, Maryland, proposes allowing BYOB in restaurants, including a maximum $25 corkage fee. From: TBD.
  • 2010.12.04
    Searching for science in a glass of beer. Professor Charlie Bamforth on National Public Radio's Science Friday.Says golden rule of brewing is good hygiene.
  • 2010.12.04
    Birthday in beer - Baltimore, Maryland's Maxs Taphouse cellarmaster Casey Hard.
  • Clipper City Golds
  • 2010.12.04
    Better beer coming to Baltimore, Maryland's Orioles basball Camden Yards? Beer In Baltimore has some promising news.
  • 2010.12.03
    The 1st Friday of the month, beer bloggers blog upon one theme. This month's The Session: Unexpected Discoveries, from blog Burgers and Brews.
  • 2010.12.03
    Wine Enthusiast Magazine selects its Top 25 Beers of 2010. With 96 pts, #1 is Belgian Black from Allagash Brewing (Maine). With 92 points, Loose Cannon Hop3 IPA from Heavy Seas Brewing (Maryland) is #13.
  • 2010.12.03
    Another craft beer merger: Colorado's Breckenridge and Wynkoop. Via RealBeer
  • 2010.12.02
    What makes a 'winter beer' a winter beer? Via YFGF.
  • 2010.12.01
    R.I.P. Bruce Nichols, co-founder of Philly Beer Week. Via Philadelphia Inquirer
  • 2010.12.01
    Draft Magazine selects 12 Breweries to Watch in 2011. In mid-Atlantic: Devils Backbone, Stillwater Ales.
  • 2010.11.29
    British bloggers Oh Good Ale and Shut Up About Barkley Perkins say: Down with the 'craft' beer zietgeist!
  • 2010.11.29
    Washington City Paper's food critic Tim Carman leaves for the Washington Post.
  • 2010.11.29
    Britain's National Cask Ale Week to move to the autumn in 2011. Via The Publican
  • 2010.11.29
    Maryland re-rollout of Belgium's Rodenbach beers to be held at Maxs Taphouse, in Baltimore, 7 December. Via Belgian Beer & Travel.
  • 2010.11.29
    Probrewer.com --one of the first web resources for the specialty beer industry-- now has a Twitter account: @ProbrewerPage
  • 2010.11.26
    The origins of porter (and a bit about three-threads): forget Ralph Harewood. Via Zythophile.
  • Pulling a Nut (Brown Ale)
  • 2010.11.20
    Updates on Washington D.C.'s Capitol City Brewing Company: 2g-IPA -its 2000th brew 2G-IPA, the 2011 closing at Union Station, and a new restaurant.
  • 2010.11.16
    It may have been Budweiser, but it was ours. Via National Public Radio: Dethroning The King: How Bud Got Bought Out.
  • 2010.11.16
    Washington, D.C. are supermarket chain, Giant, to restrict Salvation Army presence outside its stores.
  • 2010.11.16
    Ten Words Beer Bloggers Use Too Often. Via Pencil and Spoon.
  • 2010.11.15
    Brewpub chains Gordon-Biersch and Rock Bottom to merge. Via Brookston Beer Bulletin.
  • 2010.11.15
    Travel and Leisure Magazine selects its list of Top 20 list of 'Microbrewed Beer Cities.' New York, Washington, D.C., and Asheville, North Carolina are excluded. Philadelphia relegated to 17th, San Diego to 18th.
  • 2010.11.15
    A Good Beer Blog announces The Great Beer Photo Contest of 2010.
  • Sierra Nevada Northern Hemisphere Harvest Ale
  • 2010.11.15
    Happy 30th anniversary to Sierra Nevada Brewery. Ken Gossman and Paul Camusi brewed their 1st batch of beer, today, November 15th, in 1980.

  • Clamps and Gaskets is a weekly wrap-up of stories  not posted at Yours For Good Fermentables.com. Most deal with beer (or wine, or whisky); some do not. But all are brief, and many are re-posts from my Twitter account: twitter.com/cizauskas.
  • The Clamps and Gaskets graphic was created by Mike Licht at NotionsCapital.

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