Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pic(k) of the Week: Last Call at the Bricks

The Brickskeller, Washington D.C.'s venerable beer emporium, operating in the Dupont Circle/Rock Creek area since 1957 —and in the Guinness Book of World Records for its twelve-hundredish beer bottle list— has been sold.

Brickskeller exterior (03)

The Washington City Paper has reported that:
The Brickskeller will close on Dec. 18 [2010], owner Diane Alexander said today, confirming the date previously reported. The property is scheduled to change hands on Dec. 23, re-opening as Rock Creek The Bier Baron Tavern three days later.

According to reporter Orr Shtuhl, the new Rock Creek Bier Baron Tavern will remain beer-centric, but will be gussied up by the new buyers, who currently own and operate three other D.C. hotels: the Windsor Inn, Embassy Inn, and District Hotel. Included in the sale will be the The Brickskeller Inn,
built in 1912, a charming five story, 42 room, boarding-house style hotel above the Brickskeller Saloon.

UPDATE: The Washington Post reports that

[Dave and Diane] Alexander will leave behind most of the beer inventory (except for a few prized bottles that were gifts from brewers) and most of the antique cans and other beer memorabilia decorating the walls.

But he's not ceding the name Brickskeller. "That name was created by Diane's grandfather. It's like a family member," he said.

At this juncture, the Alexanders continue as owners of the beer-centric restaurant DA's Regional Food & Drink (R.F.D.), located in the Penn Quarter district of Washington, across from the Verizon Center.

On Thursday, a packed house attended what seems now to have been the last ever official Brickskeller beer event, its annual Christmas Beer tasting, or as Dave Alexander has called it: The Multiple Guest Brewmaster Winter Holidaze Tasting Extravaganzee. More: here.

Through a glass

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  1. Say it ain't so.... I have lost so many memories to those Christmas beer tastings. I'm really sorry I missed it this year now.

  2. So why were they plugging up-coming Brickskeller events and tastings all the way into February? What gives?

  3. Bob Tupper was carefully choosing his words. He was promoting events, not necessarily events AT the Brickskeller. Who knows? Maybe the new Rock Creek will play host to those events, or more likely, RFD, the Alexanders' other beer bar/restaurant, will. If the Alexanders retain the rights to the name Brickskeller and the breweriana, quite possibly they could re-name RFD's back room, The Brickskeller, and line its walls with the beer signs and bottle and can collection.

  4. It's tough to see places we love change hands, but sometimes it is a pleasant surprise.

  5. Gah! This is horrible news! I really hope that "Rock Creek" doesn't butcher the memory of The Brickskeller. And here's to hoping that with the name being saved it can eventually be resurrected.


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