Friday, December 03, 2010

St. Nick's Flix Nixed on 5th

A Good Beer Blog
Our friend Alan McLeod publishes a 'good beer' blog, which, in case you might miss the point, he calls A Good Beer Blog. Since 2006, he's taken upon himself the thankless task of organizing an annual Christmas Beer Photo Contest. To be precise, the entries are not limited to Christmas beers (though they could be). Alan hosts the contest -with prizes!- for three weeks, at the onset of the Thanksgiving/Hanukkah/Christmas/Yule season.

The rules are simple: take a picture with beer as primary object or tangent, limit the size of the file to 500KB, email to Alan by this Sunday, 5 December, at noon Eastern (US/Canada) Time, and curb your enthusiasm to only five entries. Although Alan was originally adamant that he would disregard any beer-with-food shots, he seems to have softened his distaste. More on the rules: here.

The grand prize, and it is grand indeed, is the four-part Beer Hunter Series on VHS tape, originally a Discovery Channel series in the early 1990s. As compared to the current Discovery Channel infomercial called Brewmasters, Beer Hunter is joyful beer exploration, written and hosted by the witty and erudite Michael Jackson. A partial list of prizes: here.

Here's a photo I submitted ...
Bartender and beer

... and one that I didn't.
Menage a trois?

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